Authentically Connecting to Self with Judi Turkheimer | #303

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Do you know what it's like to love an addict and struggle with self-love in the process? On today's Daily Path Podcast episode, Judi Turkheimer, the author of Finding Myself In a Nightmare: A Mother's Healing Journey Through Her Daughter's Addiction shares her story of waking to the truth, learning to navigate the pain, and realizing she had to heal herself from years of self-loathing to positively affect her daughter's recovery.

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  • Judi's background
  • How setting boundaries was a gamechanger for Judi's mental health
  • How to determine who share your experience with when it comes to supporting someone with an addiction 
  • Why getting information from the right sources is essential for you and the person you're supporting
  • Extending grace to yourself for not being perfect


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