Purpose Over Popularity | #297

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When I got into podcasting 4 years ago to inspire others to be the change they wish to see and build my career as a speaker, my decision wasn’t popular amongst those I knew. When I reflect on my life in general, there have always been decisions I had to make that might not have made sense to those taking a different path in life. Which led me to have minutes and moments where I ignored my purpose and God given talents due to my desire to be accepted by loved ones or peers.

Why is it that we choose to ignore what is best for us just to fit in with those taking a completely different path from us? On today's Daily Path Podcast episode we talk choosing purpose over popularity.

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  • Principle of the Day: Your purpose can only be fulfilled by you
  • Everyone can't go with us because not everyone wants to grow and that's ok
  • How to evaluate yourself through a healthy lens
  • Investing time, energy, attention, and money into yourself so you can be all that you can be


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