How to Go Through Personal Change with Andrzej Smiech | #255

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Having a balance between freedom of choice and the ability to fulfill your purpose in life accompanied by adequate income and fruitful relationships is Business Psychologist, Andrzej Smiech definition of success. Looking to find balance? This episode is for you.

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  • Andrzej's background
  • Smiech & Partners, LLC.
  • Do not believe everything you think - work on your habits (cognitive, affective, behavioral)
  • Focus on things you have influence on, the rest either accept or ignore
  • Do not assume - calibrate your perception to reality
  • Change is inevitable, but progress is not mandatory - adapt, adapt, adapt
  • Create the space for silence - it has all the answers you need tackling the mind’s normal, natural resistance to change—so it doesn’t get in the way. Your friends will determine your future


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